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More Than Just Parks

Are you a National Park nut? Us too. We've spent our entire adult lives exploring America's National Parks and now we're spilling the beans.

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pattiz brothers more than just parks

We are the Pattiz Brothers (Will & Jim). We founded More Than Just Parks after a spur of the moment road trip with friends to the Grand Canyon during which we discovered the National Parks for the first time.

"Setting foot inside of a National Park is like setting foot on another planet. It's an otherworldly experience".

Growing up in Georgia we, like many Americans, had never been exposed to the majesty of Western and National Park landscapes. After that trip we set out to share the wonders of the National Parks with as many people as possible thereby ensuring their future protection for generations to come.

We plan to accomplish this goal through visually stunning short films, engaging online guides, and breathtaking imagery. Eventually, we plan to create short films covering each national park, national forest, and beyond.

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  • 63 National Parks
  • 155 National Forests
  • 129 National Monuments
  • 226 Wild & Scenic Rivers
  • 20 National Grasslands

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