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Gifts for Hikers: The 2021 Guide to the Best Gifts for Hikers

The complete and definitive guide to gifts for outdoorsmen made by outdoorsmen. It’s all here folks, hats, jackets, tools, gear, and so much more.

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50 Great Gifts for Hikers of Every Stripe

olympic national park washington
Hikers in Olympic National Park | Gifts for Hikers

Gifts for hikers are seemingly plastered all over the internet and have sections in plenty of big box stores. But finding a really good gift for the hiker in your family isn’t as easy as it might appear. That’s where I come in.

As an avid outdoorsman and hiker who’s spent a career filming and exploring some of America’s most scenic and wild places, I’ve gotten to know what kind of gear I like and don’t like and what holds up with me in the field adventure after adventure.

pattiz brothers black elk peak black hills south dakota
Will Pattiz (left) & Jim Pattiz (right) in atop Black Elk Peak in South Dakota’s Black Hills | Gifts for Hikers

My brother and I founded More Than Just Parks almost a decade ago as two youngsters who wanted to take their filmmaking talents to America’s public lands. We had no idea where that journey would take us.

Since then I’ve hiked to the depths of the Grand Canyon, rafted the River of No Return, boated Alaska’s Copper River Delta, explored hidden caves with bat biologists, kayaked glacier fields, taken countless bush planes into remote wilderness, and changed more flat tires than you can imagine.

Making a career exploring and documenting America’s great outdoors has afforded me plenty of opportunities to figure out the kinds of gear I like and don’t like on the trail and here I’ll be sharing some of that insight with you.

pattiz brothers more than just parks
Jim Pattiz enjoys a campfire in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters | Gifts for Hikers

So just what kinds of potential gifts will I be including here? You’ll find camping essentials (and not-so-essentials), hiking gear, clothes, books, decor, and so much more here, all tailored to the national parks lover in your family.

In this post I’ll list the best gifts for outdoorsmen including:

  • Best Hats for Outdoorsmen
  • Best Shirts for Outdoorsmen
  • Best Jackets for Outdoorsmen
  • Best Pants for Outdoorsmen
  • Best Backpacks for Outdoorsmen
  • Best Hiking Gear for Outdoorsmen
  • Best Home & Office Gifts for Outdoorsmen
  • Best Outdoor Safety Gifts
  • Best Outdoors Stocking Stuffers
  • And much more
obstruction point trail olympic national park
Hiking Trail | Gifts for the Hiker

Best Gifts For Hikers by Category

Scroll on and let’s get into the best gifts for outdoorsmen!

List of Best Gifts for Hikers

Best Hiking Gifts

1. Darn Tough Vermont Hiking Socks

darn tough socks
Darn Tough Vermont Hiking Socks | Outdoorsy Gifts for Men

Buy: Darn Tough Vermont

I cannot overemphasize the importance of good hiking socks when you’re out there and for those of us who know, there’s one brand that stands above the rest.

In terms of an all around hiking sock there really is no better than Darn Tough Vermont’s hiking socks. These socks can be worn over and over again on the trail (and I mean consecutive days out camping) and feel as good as new each morning.

They do an amazing job at wicking away moisture and keeping your feet dry, cushioned, and protected from the elements – and your own sweat day after day on the trail.

DArn Tough Vermont Socks
Darn Tough Vermont Coolmax® Hiker Boot Midweight Hiking Sock | Gifts for Hikers

Oh and don’t worry they have you covered for hot weather hiking too. From their website: Sometimes even the hottest days call for a full cushioned, workhorse of a sock. That’s when this burly trail legend shines. Trail proven, thru-hiker approved.

All of the socks above come in various sizes (both men and women) and mid and ankle versions.

The Gift of Safety

2. Garmin inReach® Mini Satellite Communicator

garmin satellite communicator
Behold the Garmin inReach® Mini – the ultimate hiking peace of mind | Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Amazon

Though I never went for Eagle Scout, I left the Boy Scouts back in the day as a respectable First Class Scout (finishing a rank higher than my older brother and MTJP co-founder Will I might add). If I learned anything in Boy Scouts, apart from how to build a proper fire, I learned to always be prepared.

You really should have one of these if you do a lot of backpacking, route finding, solo hiking, or backcountry traveling.

If you’re a parent who worries about your kids on their backpacking trips this was designed for you to buy, give to them, and sleep better.

With the Garmin inReach Mini hikers can send text messages to loved ones, share their location, and most importantly trigger an SOS to a 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center from anywhere in the world.

Instead of spotty cell coverage the inReach Mini uses the trusted global Iridium satellite network to communicate from anywhere in the world. It’s quite literally the ultimate peace of mind for hikers and their loved ones.

Note: A satellite subscription plan is required and starts at $11.95/month. (less than Netflix)

Best Hiking Gifts – Backpacks

3. Patagonia Black Hole® Pack 32L

Buy: Patagonia

To kick off our backpacks section we’ll start with this versatile, all-weather, workhorse of a backpack from Patagonia. It fits the bill for most any kind of day hike plus its versatility and size make it great off the trail and in the city too.

Because its Patagonia of course th ebackpack employs 100% recycled fabric in its construction. Nice to know that you’re doing the planet a solid too when you opt for this one.

Buy: Amazon

I should start by saying Gregory Mountain Products is well known in the hiking and backpacking world as perhaps the best backpack maker out there. They’ve earned that repuatation from countless backpackers and thru-hikers singing their praises over the years.

The Zulu 55L is a classic overnight backpack well-suited for backpacking trips involving a few nights. It’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, and comfortable to carry on long hikes and will fit plenty of gear.

Buy: Amazon

From Gregory’s website: For the legendary long-distance trails around the world, the Baltoro 85 is the ultimate pack. Its adaptive Response A3 suspension features custom-designed reinforcements that allow you to take full advantage of its 85-liter capacity, with a Matrix ventilated back panel that assures comfort in all four seasons.

Gifts for the Hiker

4. Patagonia Point Peak Trail Pants

Buy: Patagonia

Such an underrated piece of equipment for hikers – the right pants. They should be durable and rugged, weather-proof, and able to stand up to scrapes and multiple days on the trail at a time.

That’s where Patagonia’s Point Peak Trail Pants come in. Available in both women’s and men’s, these rugged, abrasion-resistant, slim-fitting pants are the perfect go-to hiking pants for just about any kind of adventure.

Gifts for Hikers

5. Filson Pocket Knife with Sheath

Filson Pocket Knife
Filson Pocket Knife with Sheath | Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Buy: Filson

Every outdoorsperson needs a good pocket knife. This one from Filson is the kind that’s passed down through generations and is a point of pride for its owner.

This is not your discount store swiss army knife. This is a true trapper-style pocket knife that’s built to perform in the field and last generations.

Gifts for Hikers

6. Patagonia Provisions 2-Day Camp Meal Kit For Two

Buy: Patagonia Provisions

This 2-day camping food pack for 2 people makes the perfect gift for the hiking duo in your family. Full of responsibly sourced, delicious Provisions food pouches like wild sockeye salmon, organic breakfast grains, and organic soups, you’ll be the envy of the park and can feel good about the tasty food you’re eating!

hiking gift box
The contents of the Patagonia Provisions 2-Day Camp Meal Kit For Two | National Park Gift Ideas

If you’ve been looking for food for backpackers or campers you have absolutely found it here. It simply doesn’t get any better, for your stomach or the planet! This is such a great gift for the hiker in your life.

Gifts for Hikers

9. Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody

Buy: Patagonia

Obviously this list was going to contain jackets and as far as I’m concerned nobody makes better all-around, versatile jackets than Patagonia. I wear them just about everywhere and they’re never lacking.

Patagonia Mens Jacket
Patgonia Men’s Nano Puff® Jacket | Best Outdoorsmen Gifts

There’s two different kinds here, I find I wear the second one more often, but the hooded version does provide more versatility.

Hiking Gifts

10. Snow Peak Mini Flame

Mini Flame
Snow Peak Mini Flame | Best Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Snow Peak

Here’s a great unique gift for the hiker or camper in your life.

We all have camp stoves that use isobutane or a butane/propane mix like the one pictured above. Why not screw on this attachment from Snow Peak when you’re done cooking and make a fuel-efficient candle of it?

The Mini Flame from Snow Peak is quite simply a small lantern. It’s compact, lightweight, and has very low fuel consumption.

Best Hiking Gifts – Men’s Hiking Boots

14. KEEN Men’s Ridge Flex Waterproof Boot


KEEN has put together quite the pair of hiking boots in the Ridge Flex Waterproof Boots. These rugged, all-terrain boots use KEEN’s revolutionary KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX technology to actually reduce the energy each step takes.

Men's Danner Boots
Danner Crater Rim Boots | Best Gifts for Outdoors Men

Buy: Filson

Danner is the name in boots and these live up to that storied name. The Men’s Crater Rim Boots are built for rugged duty and will outlast whatever boots you’ve been getting.

Best Hiking Gifts – Womens Boots

15. Danner Women’s Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boots

Buy: Filson

These classic Danner boots are probably the ultimate women’s hiking boot. You might recognize them from the Reese Witherspoon film Wild, or just because they’re probably the most iconic hiking boots out there.

keen womens hiking boots
Womens Ridge Flex Waterproof Boot | Gifts for National Park Lovers


If you’re looking for a pair of indestructible, long-lasting, hiking boots you won’t regret purchasing, these certainly fit the bill. Oh and they’re waterproof which I know I don’t have to say is huge. (Multiple colors available).

Gifts for the Hiker

15. National Parks Playing Card Deck

national parks playing cards
National Parks Playing Card Deck by Keymaster Games & Fifty-Nine Parks | Gifts for Hikers

A deck of cards is a hiking essential. This handsome deck of cards is done by our friends at Fifty-Nine Parks and features their very cool artwork of our national parks.

Put away those gas station playing cards and get some you’ll actually look forward to bringing out.

RELATED: Fifty-Nine Parks Fireside Chat with More Than Just Parks Co-Founder Jim Pattiz

Best Hiking Gifts

16. Filson Trout 32-OZ. Nalgene® Bottle

Buy: Filson

Everybody knows Nalgene makes the industry standard water bottles, this one adds Filson’s classic branding to it. It’s a surefire winner

steel water bottle
Pack It Out 22oz Steel Water Bottle | Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Buy: United By Blue

All hikers are always in the market for a new water bottle. They get lost, they get broken, and you like to have multiple when the others are needing to be washed.

I like this one because it carries a message we can all get behind, pack it out! Why not spread the good word on your next trip outdoors!

RELATED: Preserve & Protect 22oz Steel Water Bottle by United By Blue

Best Hiker Gifts

17. Stanley Master Flask

Filson Flask
Stanley Master Flask | Outdoorsman Gifts

Buy: Amazon

I don’t need to explain why this is on the backpack checklist. Constructed with food-grade stainless stel that won’t taint your beverage with a metallic taste, this 8oz steel flask is an hiker’s best friend at the end of a long day on the trail.

Filson has a special edition one that features a bear on the back if that suits you more.

Best Hiking Gifts – Camp Stoves

22. Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner

Buy: Snow Peak

Oh what a cool gift here. This Home & Camp Burner from Snow Peak is a camp stove hybrid that packs down into a sleek cylinder that can store anywhere and look good.

Camp Stove
Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner | Gifts for Outdoorsy Men

Inside this sleek cylinder is everything you need (minus the fuel) to cook your favorite stove top meals at home or at the campsite. A simple folding out of its components and you’re on your way to impressing your friends and having a great camp meal.

Best Hiker Gifts

24. Rover Pack Classic by Topo Designs

heritage rover pack by Topo Designs
Rover Pack Heritage Canvas by Topo Designs | Hiker Gift Ideas

Buy: Topo Designs

This timeless version of Topo Design’s iconic Rover Pack Classic is all about rugged versatility and style. With a genuine Horween leather base this timeless backpack looks good wherever you’re headed.

Gifts for Hikers

26. Sixer by Mountainsmith

Mountainsmith Six Pack Cooler
Mountainsmith Sixer | Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Mountainsmith

The perfect cooler for a camp out at your favorite spot with your favorite people. Pick up a six-pack from your favorite microbrewery, stick them in the Mountainsmith Sixer on some ice, start the fire and kick back.

We’ve been using Mountainsmith products at More Than Just Parks for a long time and they really do last. They have all kinds of great gear for all sorts of outdoor situations – I’d recommend checking them out here.

Hiker Stocking Stuffers

27. Barebones Living Rechargeable Tape Light

Buy: Barebones Living

This might be the most unique gift on this list and certainly one of the coolest. This water-resistant extendable/retractable LED tape light is perfect for camping. Wrap it around your tent or your tailgate, lay it on a table, slip it into your book, you can light up anything with this.

From Barebones website: Opened slightly on Low, it creates a lovely soft, warm glow, or you can extend it to the full 18” on High for maximum brightness. Strip light features 30 individual LED lights featuring long-lasting rechargeable technology with up to 36 hours of use.

This is a great stocking stuffer for the hiker in your family who enjoys camping gadgets. Oh and it’s USB rechargeable. Comes in a multitude of colors.

Best Hiking Accessories

28. Black Diamond Equipment Badge Beanie

Buy: Black Diamond Equipment

For the best beanies when the weather is cold, we look to the people who specialize in winter sports gear, Black Diamond Equipment. They have a range of beanies, or toques for our Canadian friends, that are sure to keep you and your ears warm all winter.

For more options I turn to a few other legacy outdoor brands like this handsome wool knit beanie from Filson and for supreme warmth and comfort this merino wool beanie from Patagonia which makes a great first layer and avoids itching.

Hiking Gifts

29. Topo Designs Square Bag

Topo Designs Square Bag
Topo Designs Square Bag | Outdoors Gifts for Men

Buy: Topo Designs

At first glance this little square bag doesn’t seem like much, but take it from me it can make a world of difference out on the trail.

In my experience this little square bag, which attaches to your belt loop or backpack with a simple carabiner, serves as an extra pocket for important odds and ends while you’re out on the trail.

Camera batteries, keys, memory cards, change, credit cards or ID’s, spare equipment parts, business cards, headphones, chargers, a pocketknife, the list of things you can store in this convenient pouch are endless and they won’t annoyingly fill up your pants pockets!

Best Tents

30. Big Agnes Copper Spur Tent

Buy: Amazon

We’ve been using this tent for years and see no reason to stop now. Lightweight enough for backpacking and under 4 minutes to setup. What’s not to like?

Seriously we swear by this tent and highly recommend it to beginners and pros alike. It’s been with us through the thick and thin and keeps on going.

Gifts for the Hiker

31. TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bag
TETON Sports Polara 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag | Outdoors Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Amazon

Searching for the right sleeping bag is a bit like getting sucked into a black hole, or at least that’s how I imagine it. There’s endless options and so much confusion.

Let’s just simplify things. You want a sleeping bag for regular camping that will keep you warm all year and won’t break the bank. Here it is, you’re welcome.

Best Gifts for Hikers

32. Beacon Hanging Lantern Light

Hanging Lantern Hiking
Beacon Hanging Lantern Light by Barebones Living | Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Buy: United By Blue

If you’ve been camping enough you know how annoying it can be trying to prop up a flashlight or phone light in the tent at night so you can see.

Get yourself this powerful and cool multi-functional light with dimming feature and watch the camping stress melt away. It’s also great to clip onto your backpack if you’re hiking in the dark.

The Beacon comes with a 30-inch cord for its rechargeable battery—which lasts 200+ hours on low or three hours on high. And thanks to a convenient battery life indicator, you’ll never be left in the dark.

Best Hiker Gifts

35. Gerber Multi-Tool

best camping multitool
Gerber Multi-Tool | Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Amazon

A multi-tool is one of those things you forget about until you need it – and you inevitably always do. I like this one for the price, durability, and ease of use.

For a more rugged and handsome multi-tool that will bring a smile to any outdoorsman’s face try Barebones Living’s Multi-Tool Pocket Knife complete with a beautiful walnut handle finish.

Best Gifts for Hikers

36. Barebones Living Portable Charger

Portable Charger
Barebones Living Portable Charger | Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Barebones Living

Lets face it, phone batteries are annoyingly unreliable and almost seem designed to keep you near an outlet at all times.

Free yourself from battery anxiety with this small, lightweight, durable, portable charger. (It also works with Barebones other LED products)

Best Gifts for Hikers

37. Barebones Living Edison Mini Lantern

Barebones Mini Lanterns
Barebones Living Edison Mini Lantern | Outdoor Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Barebones Living

String lights seem to be all the rage these days and why wouldn’t they be? They bring nice warm light to the campsite or the backyard and create the perfect ambience for nights spent laughing by the campfire.

You know what’s better than string lights though? These Edison Mini Lanterns from Barebones.

From their website: Inspired by old mining and warehouse lights, these water and rust-resistant steel lanterns create an intimate space anywhere. Light enough to hang creatively from a tree branch or create a soft glowing atmosphere with several together. Power by USB, pair with our Barebones Portable Charger, or utilize two AA batteries.

Best Gifts for Hikers

38. Scout Citronella Candle

Buy: United By Blue

Sure you’ve heard of citronella candles and their ability to help ward off mosquitoes while outdoors. But this is no ordinary citronella candle.

That’s right, why not have a woodsy spruce-scented citronella candle if you’re going to have one.

United By Blue is a certified B Corp and for every product purchased from their website, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways.

Best Hiker Gifts

42. Original Buffalo Jerky

Buy: Patagonia Provisions

Few foods will get you closer to the land than Patagonia Provisions 100% grass fed bison jerky. The jerky is sourced from free-roaming bison grazing on the grass of the land and humanely harvested on the prairie rather than in a slaughterhouse.

The bison are sourced from Wild Idea Buffalo Co. in South Dakota and help revive the prairie by recycling nutrients and tilling seeds of native grasses into the soil. It’s a great win-win for the environment and your food intake.

Best Gifts for Hikers

43. Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt

Filson Flannel Shirt
Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt | Gifts for the Hiker

Buy: Filson

A rugged, classic flannel shirt from a storied outdoor brand (comes in 6 different colors). Looks great under the tree and even better worn. Available in in Men’s and Women’s.

Whoever you’re getting this for will thank you, including yourself.

Gifts for the Hiker

44. Topo Designs Mountain Pants Ripstop

Buy: Topo Designs

An old versatile favorite at Topo Designs got a new and improved update. An added double-knee layer for durability and an elastic waistband for an adjustable comfort fit take this time-tested pant to another level.

Best Hiker Gifts

45. Pocket Guide to Animals / Tracks

Pocket Guide to Animals Tracks
Pocket Guide to Animals/Tracks – Filson | Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Filson

The Pocket Guide to Animals / Tracks is the perfect hiking companion guide to help you identify animals and their tracks on your outdoor adventures.

It’s waterproof and fits in your shirt pocket! Includes 95 domestic and wild animals and birds.

Best Hiking Gifts

46. National Parks Annual Pass

REI National Park Pass
America The Beautiful Annual Pass | Gifts for Outdoorsy Men

Buy: REI

Here’s a no-brainer. They love the national parks right? Get them an annual pass to the national parks!

Plus if you buy it through the links above at REI they’ll donate 10% of pass sale proceeds through the end of 2021 to the National Park Foundation. Talk about a win-win!

Hiker Gifts

50. Barebones Solo Folding Knife

Barebones Folding Knife
Barebones Solo Folding Knife | Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Barebones Living

This handsome folding blade makes a great gift for the hiker or backpacker in your family. It’s perfect for most anything around camp including slicing onions or potatoes for a campfire stew.

For a little more functionality try their Multi-Tool Pocket Knife or Folding Picnic Knife (complete with a corkscrew). Both come with the same beautiful walnut finish.

Gifts for the Hiker

51. Patagonia Long-Sleeved Cayo Largo II Shirt

Buy: Patagonia

A classic staple of the hiker wardrobe is the rugged all-weather utility shirt. This one is durable, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Hiker’s Best Friend

52. Filson Collapsible Dog Bowl

Dog Bowl Christmas Gift National Parks
Filson Dog Bowl | Best Hiker Gifts

Buy: Filson

A water-repellent, nylon-lined, collapsible travel bowl for adventurous dogs. The perfect gift for a hiker’s best friend.

Gifts for Hikers

53. Patagonia Tin Shed Hat

Patagonia Hat
Patagonia Tin Shed Hat | Gifts for Outdoorsy Men

Buy: Patagonia

This is a great all around hat to accompany you on all of your outdoor adventures. The brim is made from recycled fishing nets and the hat is fair trade certified.

When in Doubt – Gift Cards

54. Patagonia Gift Card

Patagonia Gift Card
Patagonia Gift Cards | Outdoorsy Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Patagonia

The gifting equivalent of bringing in Mariano Rivera. It’s late, you need to get this done and you can’t afford to screw it up. Close it out with the one gift that cannot fail, the trusted gift card, and watch your gifting worries melt away.

Buy: Patagonia Provisions

The first gift card is to Patagonia the outdoor retailer, this one is to their Patagonia Provisions branch which makes incredible, healthy, and responsibly sourced camping food.

55. United By Blue Gift Card

Buy: United By Blue

You’ve seen some of their products in this guide, but there are so many more unique gift ideas on their website. If you can’t decide, just get the gift card and let them decide!

The gift cards come in many festive designs, perfect for the holidays.

United By Blue is a certified B Corp and for every product purchased from their website, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways.

56. REI Gift Card

REI Gift Card
REI Gift Card | Hiking Gifts

Buy: REI

This one’s a no-brainer. REI has just about everything a hiker could need in one convenient store with world-class customer service.

Whether it’s in store or online you’re bound to find things you need for your next adventure at REI.

Snow Peak Gift Card

58. Snow Peak Gift Card

Snow Peak Gift Card
Snow Peak Gift Card | Gifts for Hikers

Buy: Snow Peak

Snow Peak makes some of the finest camping equipment on the market and any hiker is sure to find something they can use on their website. All of their products they carry a lifetime warranty and are truly made to last.

Topo Designs Gift Card

59. Topo Designs Gift Card

Topo Designs Gift Card
Topo Designs Gift Card | Gifts For Hikers

Buy: Topo Designs

Topo Designs is a colorful outdoor brand full of inventive and useful products for the outdoor adventurer in all of us. Backpacks, duffel bags, and unique travel gear are their calling cards.

The Good Old Amazon Gift Card

60. Amazon Gift Card

amazon gift card
Amazon Gift Card | Hiking Gifts

Buy: Amazon

We all knew it was going to end here. I can see the white flag being raised. It’s not your fault, you fought the good fight. Some people are just really hard to gift for.

As the drums beat retreat it’s now time to get the Amazon gift card where they can get literally anything and you’ll reserve the ultimate excuse, “I wanted you to get something you really wanted”.

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pattiz brothers more than just parks
Co-founders of More Than Just Parks, Jim Pattiz & Will Pattiz

I hope you’ve found our 2021 Gifts for Hikers Guide helpful. My goal was to make life easier for those of you who have hiker in your family and want to get them something extra special this year.

If you’re not spam let me know if I missed anything particularly cool! And of course let me know if you found this year’s gift guide helpful! Hope to see you on the trails sometime!

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