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Redwood In The Fall (Everything You Need to Know)

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Redwood in Fall
Redwood in the Fall

About Redwood in the Fall

Fall can be a beautiful time to visit Redwood National Park with crowds diminishing, temperatures cooling off, and maples changing colors. 

Fall Monthly Temperatures in Redwood National Park

September 79F / 62F
October 71F / 65F
November 61F / 49F
December 55F / 45F

Fall Activities in Redwood National Park

Fall in the Redwood National Park can be lovely. Temperatures are cooling off but still quite nice with highs in the 60s and 70s. September is a great month to visit as crowd sizes are down and the weather is still nice. Popular Summer activities in the Redwood include:

  • Hiking the park’s many trails to explore the Redwood away from the road.
  • Driving through the park’s scenic drives with the windows down and enjoying the incredible forests and ocean views.
  • Wildlife watching. Summer is a great time to enjoy the park’s resident elk populations.
  • Going for a beach walk along the beautiful Pacific coastline.

Redwood by Season

Interested in what Redwood is like during other times of the year? Check out our Redwood Seasons & Weather page to learn more about which season is best for your visit to the park. Our personal favorite is Summer but Spring & Fall are nice as well, and even Winter is mild compared to most of the other National Parks.


Redwood National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and for good reason. A trip to this magical place is a must for every human on the planet. Journey with us as we explore the tallest trees on the planet. This is Redwood.​

Will Pattiz

Co-founder of More Than Just Parks. Husband. Conservationist. Currently living in NYC.

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