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STOUT GROVE (Helpful Guide + Video)

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About Stout Grove

The Stout Grove is one of the most magnificent and highly photographed groves of old-growth Redwoods in Redwood National Park. Located in Jedediah Smith Redwoods North of Crescent City, the Stout Grove features a relatively small grove of giant, 300ft tall redwoods. The low undergrowth and massive height of the trees makes for a surreal experience and incredible photos.

Of all the groves of redwoods we’ve visited, this is our absolute favorite. Read on to learn why we love it so much.

stout grove redwood national park
A hiker in Stout Grove | Redwood National Park


Believe it or not, the Stout Grove was actually donated by the widow of a lumberman back in 1929 to the Save the Redwoods League. It later became the part of Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park as the park’s first grove. Today it is one of the most treasured groves of redwoods or trees for that matter in the world.

Stout Grove Location + Map

Things to Know Before Visiting

Entrance Fees: $30 per vehicle OR if you plan to visit more National Parks within the next 12 months we suggest you go ahead and purchase the America the Beautiful Pass (which you can purchase here). This pass gets you into all National Parks, Forests, Monuments, and more including 2,000 sites for free after a one time $79 fee.

The best guide books for Redwood: This is our favorite hiking guide but this one is another great one that encompasses the surrounding area.

The best map for the park: We like this map the best.

Gas: There is a gas station in the little town of Orick just below Lady Bird Johnson Grove.

Cell Service there is limited service in the Stout Grove.

Water: Drink it. Lots of it. Don’t forget it in the car.

Best Time to Visit Stout Grove

stout grove redwood national park
A hiker wanders down a path in Stout Grove | Redwood National Park

The best time to visit the Stout Grove is early in the morning around sunrise to see foggy rays of light filter through the grove with very few people around. If you can’t make it for sunrise then sunset is a great bet as well to see beautiful light filter through the trees.

With that being said, there’s never really a bad time to visit the grove. During the rain (so long as it’s not a major storm) is a great time to visit to see the glossy leaves of the under story and smell the freshness of the forest.

Getting to Stout Grove

The Stout Grove is located in the northernmost section of the park in Jedediah Smith Redwoods. The road leading to the Stout Grove is unpaved but passable with 2WD vehicles. Mosquitoes here can be pesky in early to mid Summer.

The grove itself is located off Howland Hill Road, a gravel road with it’s fair share of bumps. We had no problem getting to the grove in a prius.


From Hwy 199 drivers cross a bridge over the Smith River and drive 1.5 miles down Douglas Park Drive until it turns into Howland Hill Road. You’ll know when this happen because the road gets rougher (but not too bad). From here, it’s another mile down the road until you see a turnoff on the right for Stout Grove.

Follow the turn a quarter of a mile or so to the parking lot.


Alternatively, you can park at the Jedediah Smith Redwoods Day use area (after paying the $8 day use fee) and walk to the grove. The trail to the grove is a lovely .8 miles that crosses a cool hiking bridge over the Smith River to get there.

stout grove redwood national park
Stout Grove | Redwood National Park

The Stout Grove Trail

Distance: .7 miles roundtrip
Time: 1-2 hours (to soak in the beauty)

While the trail is short, pound for pound it is one of the most breathtaking you’ll find in the entire national park system. From the parking lot hikers descend gradually into the grove and are quickly introduced to one of the most spectacular groves or redwoods in the world. The trail is a brief loop with lots of small footpaths throughout that are fun to explore.

Another cool thing to explore on the trail are the ancient redwoods that were burned out at one point. Some of the hollows in the trees are so large that adult humans can easily fit inside standing up!

Nearby Sites

If you’re visiting the Stout Grove we recommend you check out these nearby sites:

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Yep, we created a beautiful, comprehensive guide to Redwood. It’s totally free and just for you with beautiful photos, videos, and more.

Redwoods Video

If you’re visiting the Redwoods ya just gotta take 3 minutes and watch the (award-winning) film we made based on our trips to the park. We spent weeks in the park to produce this film which covers all of the different regions and areas in the park. It was even featured by National Geographic!

Redwood National Park Video

Photos of Stout Grove

We have spent countless hours in Redwood National Park and have taken over 15,000 photos of the place! We’ve included a few of our favorites from the grove here.

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