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These 4 Colorado National Parks Will Blow Your Mind (Helpful Guide)

We’ve ranked the best west coast national parks from the wild and rugged Olympic coastline to the misty forests of Redwood and beyond.

Colorado National Parks

flat top mountain sunset rocky mountain national park colorado
Colorado National Parks

Colorado National Parks evoke some of the most spectacular western scenery in the United States. From the towering Rocky Mountains to the windswept deserts of Mesa Verde, Colorado truly has something for every national park fan.

For most people, Colorado calls to mind vistas of the famous Rocky Mountains. So it’s no surprise that Rocky Mountain National Park is the most visited park in the state, but Colorado is home to much more than the Rocky Mountains.

The state is rich with scenery ranging from canyons to deserts to rolling plains and gleaming rivers. So next time you think of Colorado remember there’s much more to the state’s outdoors than mountain views and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Things to Know Before You Visit

Entrance Fees: You can expect $20-$30 per vehicle but we suggest you go ahead and purchase the America the Beautiful Pass (which can be found at the entrance gates to most national parks). This pass gets you into all National Parks, Forests, Monuments, and more including 2,000 sites for free after a one time $79 fee.

Sunscreen: For many of us visiting national parks in the summer means lots of sun. Seriously, some of these parks can zap you if you don’t wear sunscreen. We happen to like this one because it works AND it’s not full of a bunch of chemicals.

Leave No Trace: We’re big fans of Leave No Trace, here at MTJP. Want to learn more? Read about the seven principals of Leave No Trace here.

Insect Repellent: You hope not to need it, but you want to have it. We typically bring an Eco-Friendly Insect Repellent with us just in case.

Dogs are not allowed on trails in most national parks due to their potentially disruptive presence with the natural ecosystem. The basic rule is they are allowed where cars can go so be sure to check the rules before bringing along your furry friend.

Colorado National Parks

rocky mountain national park
Rocky Mountain National Park | Colorado National Parks

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Location: Central Colorado

About Rocky Moutain

Tucked into the heart of Colorado’s Front Range, Rocky Mountain National Park spans more than 400 square miles of breathtaking mountain scenery.

This national park is considered by many to be the crown jewel of the American Rockies and it’s no wonder why. Rocky Mountain is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife including elk, moose, bighorn sheep, beaver, deer, black bear, eagles, marmots, mountain lions, and so much more. 

However, in recent years visitation has increased dramatically at the expense of the visitor experience (not to mention the impact on the park itself). What was once mostly an issue reserved for the bear lake area of the park has now spread to the rest of the park (especially around the Estes Park entrance).

Crowd sizes have swelled to the point that the National Park Service has instituted a timed entry program to control the crowds. With population centers soaring near the park, we expect this issue to become more exacerbated with each passing year.

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Rocky Mountain Video

Best Time to Visit Rocky Mountain

The best time to visit Rocky Mountain is in the fall. You’ll find smaller crowds and spectacular fall color blanketing the hillsides of the park. Elk are very visible at this time of the year as the males compete for dominance of the herds.

The valleys of the park are often filled with the sound of bugling from the male elk in the evening. Nights can be chilly in the fall and unexpected snowstorms do happen so you’ll want to prepare for cold weather.

Rocky Mountain National Park is an incredible place to see wildlife. So much so that we ranked it among our Best National Parks to See Wildlife. For the full list, click here.

Best Things to Do in Rocky Mountain

rocky mountain national park video
Winter at Bear Lake | Colorado National Parks

Bear Lake is a popular alpine lake in the park any time of year. The lake has a huge parking lot that is almost always full and is the jumping off point for many hikes into the interior of the park.

Trail Ridge Road is the highest road in the national parks system and provides breathtaking views of the Rockies in all directions.

Sprague Lake is a popular small lake with glassy mirrored reflections of the Rockies looming over it. Wildlife, including moose, can often be spotted here at the right times of day.

Where to Stay in Rocky Mountain

great sand dunes national park colorado
Great Sand Dunes National Park | Colorado National Parks

2. Great Sand Dunes National Park

Location: South Central Colorado

About Great Sand Dunes

Imagine the Sahara Desert with a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains – you’re looking at one of the most underrated national parks in America, Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Great Sand Dunes is a spectacular park located in southern Colorado that features some of the most breathtaking and unique scenery anywhere in the world.

The park is fairly remote and not necessarily near other big attractions, but it’s certainly more than worth the trip. Due to its remote location you won’t have to deal with crowds which are becoming more and more of a problem in many other once-quiet parks.

The bugs can be quite pesky here in the Spring and summer floods can intermittently wash out road access to some parts of the park.

Best Time to Visit Great Sand Dunes

great sand dunes national park
Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado

We recommend late-summer for optimal conditions at Great Sand Dunes. Late summer brings few bugs and slightly cooler temperatures on the dunes making for enjoyable hiking and overnight camping.

Best Things to Do at Great Sand Dunes

Hike the Dunes! Great Sand Dunes National Park is home to the tallest sand dunes in North America if you can believe it! Once at the park you won’t be able to resist wandering into the dunes and trying to climb the nearest one. Prepare to get sandy!

Medano Creek runs through the park and right by the base of the dunes and is the perfect place to cool off on a hot day! The creek winds its way down through the mountains that loom over the park’s sand dunes and provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Stargazing is a popular activity at Great Sand Dunes thanks to the park’s exceptionally dark skies. In 2019 the park was certified as an International Dark Sky Park and once you’re there at night you’ll understand why.

Summer provides the best stargazing opportunities on moonless nights. But don’t sleep on the moon, a full moon offers the incredible opportunity to walk the sand dunes at night with no need for a flashlight! There’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

Where to Stay in Great Sand Dunes

Mesa Verde National Park (courtesy NPS) | Colorado National Parks

3. Mesa Verde National Park

Location: Southwestern Colorado

About Mesa Verde

Known for the cliff dwellings it protects, Mesa Verde is a budding archaeologists’ dream national park. Ancient pueblo dwellings and ruins are beautifully preserved throughout this remote desert park.

Getting to walk amongst the exquisite ruins and ponder the lives of those who made this place home so long ago is a rite of passage for any historical-minded American.

Located in the southwest corner of Colorado this park is a bit out there but totally worth a trip if you can make it happen. Sunsets here are spectacular as you walk amidst vast ruins and gaze out at the never-ending expanse of sage-brush desert beyond.

Mesa Verde Highlights

Cliff Palace is the show-stopper and the main attraction at Mesa Verde. A guided tour is required and is highly enjoyable as a park ranger explains to you historians limited understanding of what went on at Mesa Verde so long ago.

Cedar Tree Tower is a great example of the many ruined towers that have been discovered along mesa tops in this area. It requires a very short hike and is self-guided so you can take your time exploring the area.

Where to Stay at Mesa Verde

black canyon of the gunnison national park colorado
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park | Colorado National Parks

4. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Location: Western Colorado

About Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Of all the underrated national parks out there, this one is near the top of the list. As a relatively new park it has flown under the radar of most park-goers’ summer travel plans. For those who love Black Canyon, this is great news as it means more of the park for us.

The scenery here is breathtaking and warrants the same long gazes afforded to places like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.

The catch of course is that the park is remote, and when we say remote, we do mean remote. The nearest services are quite a ways from the park entrance so you’ll wan to bring everything you need with you.

That said, this one is worth a visit if you can swing it.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison Highlights

South Rim The South Rim is the developed side of the park with paved roads, a visitors center, and plenty of overlooks offering spectacular views.

North Rim The North Rim is the more remote and rugged part of the park with a 7-mile unpaved road offering chances to see the canyon from the other side.

East Portal is an area at the bottom of the canyon reachable by car via the south rim and offers visitors the opportunity to gaze up from the depths of the canyon and further appreciate its size and beauty.

Where to Stay in Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Map of Colorado National Parks

See the map below with the locations of all 4 Colorado National Parks.

List of Colorado National Parks

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park
  2. Great Sand Dunes National Park
  3. Mesa Verde National Park
  4. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Top 10 List – More Best National Parks of the West

  1. Grand Teton National Park
  2. Rocky Mountain National Park
  3. Glacier National Park
  4. Grand Canyon National Park
  5. Yellowstone National Park
  6. Zion National Park
  7. Great Sand Dunes National Park
  8. Arche National Park
  9. Capitol Reef National Park
  10. Canyonlands National Park

Why Listen to Us?

You should probably know that we didn’t just make this list up out of thin air. We’ve spent our entire adult lives exploring and filming America’s national parks and public lands.

We’ve worked with the National Park Service, the Department of Interior, and the U.S. Forest Service for years creating films on important places and issues.

Our work has been featured in leading publications all over the world and even some people outside of our immediate family call us experts on the national parks.

pattiz brothers
Jim (left) and Will (right) of More Than Just Parks

We’re Jim Pattiz and Will Pattiz, collectively known as the Pattiz Brothers. Our goal here at More Than Just Parks is to share the beauty of America’s national parks and public lands through stunning short films in an effort to get Americans and the world to see the true value in land conservation.

Leave us a comment below!

What’s your favorite Colorado National Park? Did we miss one? Let us know!

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