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Waimoku Falls

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Haleakalā National Park

Waimoku Falls Description

Cascading some 400 feet down to the forest floor is the beautiful Waimoku Falls in the Kīpahulu area of the park. The falls can be accessed 2 miles into the 4-mile roundtrip Pīpīwai Trail which provides hikers with beautiful views of various waterfalls, streams, and various other natural features.

Best Time to Visit Waimoku Falls

The best time to visit Waimoku Falls is when it hasn’t been raining. The frequent rain can make the trail especially muddy – so much so that the mud in some areas can suck the boot right off your foot, just take our word for it. Apart from that aim for winter or one of the shoulder seasons to avoid crowded trails and parking areas.

Things to Note

You’ll come across many signs warning you to stay on the trail and they mean it. Flash floods and rockslides are common here and can occur with little to no warning. The area is typically muddy and wet and it’s easy to lose your footing and end up tumbling down a gulch if you’re not careful.

The mosquitoes can be pretty brutal along this trail no matter the time of year so be sure to bring repellent and dress appropriately. Also the jungle here is hot and humid so bring plenty of water and wear light and breathable clothing.

Waimoku Falls | Haleakalā National Park, Hawaii

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