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SUMMER in Acadia (Helpful Guide + Video)

Summer sees mild weather with cooler weather near the coastline. Summer also brings the crowds from Bar Harbor so be prepared.

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Summer Overview

Summer sees mild weather with temperatures ranging from 50-90 degrees and consistently cooler weather near the coastline. Summer also brings the crowds of course so be prepared to compete for lodging and campsites.

Weather in Bar Harbor can change dramatically this time of year and with little warning so make sure to pack your rain gear too.

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Summer Monthly Temperatures in Acadia National Park

June 71F / 49F
July 76F / 55F
August 75F / 55F

Summer Activities in Acadia National Park

Popular Summer activities in the Acadia include:

  • Hiking the carriage roads and trails.
  • Driving the park loop road.
  • Exploring the coast.
  • Hiking the Beehive

The Acadia Film

This film is the culmination of several weeks spent exploring Acadia National Park during peak fall color. It is dedicated to George Dorr, who was instrumental in saving the land and founding the park. Journey with us as we explore this magnificent coastal wonderland in stunning fall color.

About Acadia National Park

acadia national park more than just parks
The Bowl | Acadia National Park

Sculpted by glaciers and landscaped by beavers, Acadia National Park is full of wonderfully unique natural features. Rounded mountains, tranquil ponds, rocky coastline, & some of the most beautiful trails in the national park system comprise this marvelous coastal Maine wonder.

Acadia National Park Map

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