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Take a Dip in the Swimming Pool

It's a pretty rare thing to find a swimming pool in a national park. Pinnacles is one of those rare parks that actually have a swimming pool and it's a great park to take a dip!

See the Balconies Cave

Balconies Cave is located off of the Balconies Cave Trail and is one of two "talus caves in the park".

Visit Bear Gulch Nature Center

Bear Gulch Nature Center is a great spot to get acquainted with the things to do at Pinnacles National Park. The nature center holds all sorts of information including park maps and helpful rangers.

Go Camping

Pinnacles Campground is a great (and only developed) spot to spend the night in the park. The campground even has a swimming pool (a rarity for a national park - more on that below).

See the Majestic California Condors

One of the park's top attractions is watching the endangered California Condor in it's native habitat. This is an impressive bird (albeit not the prettiest) that is a true sight to behold.

Go Rock Climbing

With over 300 climbs in the park (most of them of the sport variety) Pinnacles can be a rock climbers dream.

See the Wildflower Blooms

Pinnacles National Park is home to some spectacular wildflower viewing opportunities, especially in the spring.

Hike to Condor Gulch Overlook

Sweeping views of the parks most popular peaks area with the famous formations can be viewed here.

Hike to High Peaks

High Peaks Loop is probably the most popular trail in the park giving hikers the most famous views of Pinnacles including the rock spires you see in the photos.

Hike Through Bear Gulch

The path through Bear Gulch crosses into a deep canyon with boardwalks & bridges to cross which make for a really cool hiking experience.

things to do in Pinnacles National Park

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