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Voyageurs National Park in the fall

Voyageurs In Fall

Fall is the best time to visit Voyageurs National Park. The bustle of the summer fishing and boating season is long gone and the park’s shores and trails are ablaze with autumn color. Temperatures are cool and generally mild.

Voyageurs National Park







Fall is our favorite time to visit Voyageurs National Park as the bustle of summer fishing and houseboating is long gone and the park’s shores and trails are ablaze with magnificent autumn reds, yellows, and oranges.

This time of year you’ll find few visitors, but all of the opportunities of summer with the added benefit of no bugs and fabulous fall colors. The waters of the park’s giant lakes are calm and quiet save for the occasional passing fisherman or loon call. Sunrises and sunsets are reflected on the still waters of the lakes and the northern lights dance above by night. Fall is a feast for the eyes at Voyageurs, but be quick as it’s also very short in this coldest area of the continental U.S.

Fall Monthly Temperatures in Voyageurs

September 66F / 45F
October 52F / 33F
November 36F / 20F

Things to See in Voyageurs

Fall Activities in Voyageurs

Fall is a great time to visit Voyageurs as temperatures in September and early October are mild and the lows are generally still comfortable. Visitors will be treated with kaleidoscopic fall colors and a nearly empty park thanks to the busy summer fishing and boating season being over. You’ll also find none of those pesky bugs you hear about from the summer months. Be prepared for the possibility of rain and dropping temperatures overnight. Popular Fall activities in Voyageurs include:

  • Visit the historic Kettle Falls Hotel in the heart of the park for some refreshments with a view.
  • Tie off your boat at Ellsworth Rock Gardens and marvel at the beautiful monolithic art all created by one reclusive man.
  • Explore Gold Portage in it’s fall splendor, an area known to locals as a wildlife hot spot. If you’re lucky you might even spot a moose!
  • Rent a houseboat with the family or a group of friends and tour the lakes in style. Many rental outfits offer discounts in this slower season (starting October 1)
  • Take in the majesty of the Northern Lights. On clear nights in the fall and winter visitors have a chance to be treated with some of the most spectacular displays of the aurora borealis found anywhere in the world.

Namakan Lake | Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

Interested in what Voyageurs is like during other times of the year? Check out our Death Valley Seasons & Weather page to learn more about which season is best for your visit to the park. Our personal favorite is Fall but Spring & Summer are nice as well… and then there’s Winter which is… well, the coldest place in the continental USA!

Voyageurs by Season


This film is the culmination of several weeks spent in the northernmost region of Minnesota known as Voyageurs National Park. Encompassing more than 340 square miles, Voyageurs is a watery wonderland almost exclusively accessible by boat. Journey with us as we explore a land blanketed in pristine lakes, erupting with kaleidoscopic fall colors, and home to the most spectacular displays of the northern lights on the planet. This is Voyageurs. Filmed primarily in stunning UHD 8K.

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