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The Bowl

A tranquil pond surrounded by beautiful forests and trails spreading out in all directions. The perfect spot to get away from the crowds and enjoy the park’s unique beauty.

Acadia National Park







This small lake (or pond in Acadia vernacular) is a beautiful spot to visit any time of year. The trail leading up is 1.5 miles with a moderate incline, but is suitable for most. Once there visitors are rewarded with a tranquil pond and beautiful forests with trails spreading out in many directions. It’s the perfect spot to get away from Acadia’s crowds and enjoy the park’s unique beauty without the sound of tour buses. In the fall the Bowl area is adorned with brilliant burning red maples, yellows, and oranges that will have you reaching for your camera and glad you made the 1.5 mile trip.

THE BOWL | Acadia National Park, Maine


This film is the culmination of several weeks spent exploring Acadia National Park during peak fall color. It is dedicated to George Dorr, who was instrumental in saving the land and founding the park. Journey with us as we explore this magnificent coastal wonderland in stunning fall color.


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Jim Pattiz

Co-Founder of More Than Just Parks. Filmmaker, Conservationist, Public Lands Enthusiast

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