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Ibex Dunes

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Death Valley National Park


Ibex Dunes are perhaps the most photogenic dunes in the park (right up there with Eureka Dunes) and almost as remote. These dunes are located on the southern end of the park off of a rough, high clearance road.

These dunes are a blast to explore but make sure to do so early as they heat up fast, even in winter, and can create dangerous situations for hikers.

One of the coolest parts of exploring Ibex Dunes is finding the abandoned mine on the far side set against the mountains. This eery spot is a remnant of a bygone era for the park and makes for a great photo opportunity.


The best time to visit the dunes is early in the morning before they get too hot (which happens even in winter!)

Things to Note

Pack more than enough water and wear lather up lots of sunscreen as there is no cover from the sun whatsoever in and around the dunes.

The road into the dunes is rough so be sure to have a high clearance vehicle if you plan on visiting Ibex Dunes.

Ibex Dunes | Death Valley National Park, California


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