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Haleakala National Park Summit Sunset, Maui, hawaii

Haleakalā Summit

The summit of haleakalā is home to one of the best places in the entire national park system to watch the sun set or rise.

Haleakalā National Park

Haleakalā Summit Description

When we say the summit we mean the summit. Atop Haleakalā is an observatory, parking area, and a few trailheads. From this area at sunrise or sunset you can take in some of the most spectacular views in the entire national park system. Perched high above the clouds the Haleakalā Summit offers a commanding view of the island of Maui and the pacific ocean far below. On a good day a sunrise or sunset here will be one that you’ll never forget.

Best Time to Visit the Haleakalā Summit

Any time of year is fine, the offseason (winter & shoulder seasons) will help you avoid crowds and trouble getting a sunrise permit (more on that below). The main thing you’ll wan to check is the weather at the summit. Mornings, particularly, can be socked in with dense fog and even rain – the weather here is ever-changing and unpredictable. Be sure to check the park website and/or call the park for the latest information on how the summit looks.

Things to Note

Traveling to the summit for sunrise requires an advance reservation. This is a recent requirement the park has added to control traffic and overcrowding. Be aware that it is strictly enforced.

We recommend sunset from the summit as there are no reservations require, fewer crowd, and the same stunning scenery.

Haleakalā Summit | Haleakalā National Park, Hawaii

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The Haleakalā Film

HALEAKALA 8K is the culmination of several weeks and multiple trips to the remote outer reaches of the island of Maui in the Central Pacific. Journey with us to the house of the sun and discover ancient volcanoes steeped in legend, rugged mountains, dense rainforests, hidden beaches, underwater worlds, and the last wild home to spectacular wildlife. This is Haleakalā. Filmed primarily in 8K.


Jim Pattiz

Co-Founder of More Than Just Parks. Filmmaker, Conservationist, Public Lands Enthusiast

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