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Redwood National Park is full of some of the most incredible pacific northwest locations in the world. From the beach, to the canyons, redwood groves, and beyond learn about the most amazing locations in Redwood.

stout grove sunset redwood national park

STOUT GROVE (Helpful Guide + Video)

The Stout Grove is one of the most magnificent and highly photographed groves of old-growth Redwoods in Redwood National Park.

tall trees grove redwood national park

Tall Trees Grove

Redwood National Park Description The Tall Trees Grove in Redwood National Park is one of the park’s most stunning collection of towering redwoods. Compared to many of the other easy trails, it’s a bit of a hike to get there. The trail is 3.3miles long with just under 800ft of...

redwood national park elk

Elk Meadow

Redwood National Park Description Elk Meadow is one of the most reliable places in Redwood National Park to see Roosevelt Elk. It’s location, just outside of Orick and at the head of Davison Road, puts it in a great jumping off point to see more in the park. Best Time to Visit The...

Crescent Beach Overlook Redwood National Park

Crescent Beach Overlook

Redwood National Park Description Crescent Beach overlook is a quick and beautiful roadside stop along the Highway 101 in Redwood National Park offering spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. This is a great spot to get out of the car, stretch your legs, soak in the views, and grab a few...

boy scout tree trail redwood national park

Boy Scout Tree Trail

Redwood National Park Description The Boy Scout Tree Trail is a very popular hike located on the northern end of Redwood National Park featuring ancient, magnificent redwoods towering 300ft into the air. This hike is located off the same road as the Stout Grove. Best Time to Visit The...

bald hills redwood national park

Bald Hills

Redwood National Park Description Bald Hills is a fairly remote, lesser-visited destination in Redwood National Park that offers visitors a very different experience from the Redwood groves. Visitors to the Bald Hills will be treated to sweeping views of the surrounding forested areas...

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