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Zion’s Big Bend (Everything You Need to Know + Photos)

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Big Bend Zion Overview

big bend zion national park spring utah
Big Bend | Zion National Park

Big Bend is a breathtaking turn of the Virgin River in Zion National Park that reveals the Great White Throne to the south. The Zion Shuttle stops here and visitors can walk down to the river to see the stunning beauty below.

During Autumn the leaves on the cottonwoods create a dazzling display all along the rive. This is also a great spot to watch condors soar above.

Best Time to Visit Zion’s Big Bend

The best time to visit Big Bend is mid-morning to watch the sun fill the canyon with light.

Things to Note

If you’ve got binoculars or a zoom lens, Big Bend is a great spot to see condors!

Experience Zion in 8K

ZION is the culmination of nearly a month spent exploring Zion National Park during peak fall color. Filmed primarily in stunning UHD 8K.​

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