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bighorn sheep barker dam joshua tree national park

Barker Dam

The Barker Dam is a popular site to spot wildlife in Joshua Tree National Park including the regal Desert Bighorn Sheep.

Joshua Tree National Park

Barker Dam Description

The Barker Dam is perhaps the most popular site in Joshua Tree to spot wildlife including the regal Desert Bighorn Sheep. The dam itself was constructed in 1900 by cattlemen and was later raised in 1949 by William Keys.

Best Time to Visit Barker Dam

The best time to visit the Barker Dam is in the morning when the wildlife is on the move and less people are around making for a more intimate experience.

Things to Note

Wear boots if you have them and be careful for cacti, especially the cholla (also known as the jumping cactus) which have a way of snagging feet and legs. Do not approach wildlife, especially the Bighorn Sheep.

The Barker Dam Trail | Joshua Tree National Park, California

The Joshua Tree Film

MTJP | Joshua Tree is the culmination of nearly a month spent exploring Joshua Tree National Park. We chose Joshua Tree because of its unique landscape. Its immense boulder piles, colorful cactus fields, endless desert expanses, and one-of-a-kind Joshua trees make for a spectacular setting. This film was shot entirely in 4K.

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